Sunday, September 8, 2013

Terri Sproul - Tuesday Live Online Journaling Workshop

A few weeks ago I found Terri Sproul's online journaling workshop.
We are heading into week 16! I am new to "Art Journaling" so this has been a great inspiration to me. Here are my pages so far......


Page 3

Page 4

Page 5
Coming Soon
Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

Page 11

Page 12

Page 13
Page 14
Page 15

This has been so much fun.
Check it out here for the recorded shows
Terri's YouTube channel for the live show on Tuesday (7:00 pm mountain time)
Have fun!




  1. Fabulous pages, just fabulous! Love each unique one!

  2. Thank you for visiting me today!! I love your pages, as you know!! I loved them on Terri's page too! Keep art journaling!!

  3. To say you are new to this you seem to have taken to it like a duck to water! Love these pages and you should definitely keep going with it. Jenny x

  4. Hi Karen,
    It's so nice to meet you! You are very talented, I'm loving all your journal pages especially page 13 Beauty. I hope to learn a little about mixed media art and journaling with Terri Sproul in the near future.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog,
    take care,

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  6. These are WONDERFUL! I admire your pages so much, I have been too chicken to take the plunge into mixed media. Thanks for hopping by my blog! :)